Glendale Infant School

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Phone number to report positive COVID test results on an evening, weekends and during holidays 07985 167583.


Parents are legally responsible for:

  • ensuring their child receives an education
  • ensuring their child attends school regularly


In order to do this, please make sure that your child:

  • arrives at school and on time
  • attends regularly
  • is suitably clothed and wearing the correct school uniform
  • is in a condition to learn

Absences can:
  • disrupt your child’s education
  • interfere with the school’s teaching routines and damage performance
  • affect friendship patterns
  • encourage disaffection and harm longer-term prospects
  • only be authorised for valid reasons, i.e. illness or medical appointment


Unauthorised reasons for absence include:

  • birthday treats
  • parents/siblings being ill
  • visiting relatives
  • shopping trips
  • looking after siblings
  • uniform not washed/dried
  • being unaware of school dates



Holidays in term time can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances as they disrupt learning and affect progress. Parents have no automatic right to such leave, and holiday taken without authorisation will be reported to the Warwickshire Attendance Service.

Poor attendance in school for any reason will result in:

  • Children failing to make good progress
  • Problems making and keeping friends
  • Disruptive behaviour
  • WAS– Warwickshire Attendance Service becoming involved
  • And possibly:
  • Parents being fined
  • Parents being prosecuted with a possibility of imprisonment

Please note that low attendance has to be reported to the Warwickshire Attendance Service.


Late Arrivals/Late Collections

The school operates a ‘Late Book’ system whereby any child arriving after 9.00a.m. must report to the office, where a record is kept as to the reason for the lateness. Regular lateness has to be reported to the WAS - Warwickshire Attendance Service - and constitutes as an unauthorised absence.

If there is no-one to collect your child by 3.10p.m. he/she will be put into our After School club whilst we try to contact you. The charge for this will be the same as the after school late pick up charges of £6 for every 15 minutes or part thereof.

If there is no-one there to collect a child at the end of an after school session, then we follow WCC guidelines. Please make sure you keep your contact numbers up to date as the guidelines recommend that the school tries all contact numbers, and if no one can be reached, we then contact Social Services, followed by the Police.