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Pupil Premium

Glendale Infant School

Pupil Premium Funding 2018-2019 Impact Statement

Number of pupils on roll


Number of pupils eligible for PP 43

Post LAC 4


Service Children 2

Total funding



Use of Funding



After School reading club


Children attend after school club where they develop social skills and are withdrawn for 15mins by a TA to have targeted 1 to 1 reading time. They focus on phonics, high frequency word recall, comprehension and word reading. This has boosted children’s confidence in reading and has enabled them to access classroom activities with increased independence. We have also focused on higher level questioning for the more able readers so they can develop a deeper understanding of the text.

Additional teaching assistant time to provide in class support and interventions:

Precision teaching

Daily reading

Number interventions (Plus 1)

Small group phonic/blending intervention

Memory fix, concentration activities.



Children have received targeted interventions either as part of a small group or on a 1 to 1 basis.

Precision teaching is having a great impact on phonics and high frequency word spelling across the school.

Plus 1 maths intervention is enabling children to gain a stronger basis of number understanding.


Well-being mentor.


We have developed this role in response to the increased need of emotional well-being. Parents and children can access support and advice. Parents groups as well as individual support is offered. Also children with identified needs have access to the well-being/nurture room and support is offered to ensure they are able to access learning in the classroom.

Well-being mentor counselling course


Counselling training so children can be given support in school as needed so that they do not have to wait for external referrals to go through.

Attendance Compliance Enforcement Service subscription.


Telephone and letter contact with parents where referred or concerns arose.

Out of school clubs funded


All children have equal access to out of school clubs and are able to apply for some support towards the cost of clubs/equipment.

Uniform subsidy £30 per child


Contribution to the cost of school uniform for PP children.

Trips and after school sports clubs funded.


Children have equal access to trips and after school clubs.

Cool milk

£456.02 Apr-Dec


Sycamore counselling service


Support given to an individual child for emotional support.

Exclusion Panel




Glendale Infant School

Pupil Premium Funding 2017-2018 Impact Statement


Number Of Children On Roll       Number Of Pupils Eligible for PP      Total Funding

262                                                  50                                                          £72,227

                                                        Post LAC 4

                                                        Service Children 1


Picture 1

Summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by Pupil Premium Pupils

In-school barriers: social, emotional and mental health; social interaction, behaviour issues relating to SEND, low self-esteem and confidence.

External barriers: attendance; family personal circumstances.

How the school will measure the impact of the Pupil Premium Funding: monitor and review progress and achievements at termly pupil progress meetings; outcomes from pastoral and nurture provision; reports from external agencies; outcomes from single assessments and early help meetings; pupils and parents voice; participation in clubs, extra-curricular activities and wider opportunities; number of children accessing music tuition and attendance data.

Date of next review of the school’s pupil premium strategy:  July 2018