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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Phone number to report positive COVID test results on an evening, weekends and during holidays 07985 167583.

Well-being/ Learning Mentor

Well-being/Learning Support Mentor


Mrs M Lapworth


Mrs Lapworth’s primary role is to support children who are experiencing difficulties with regulating their emotions and/or behaviour, experiencing social and/or mental health issues. She works with children on a 1:1 basis or with small groups, depending on the needs of the children.

Mrs Lapworth is also able to offer advice to parents and carers in supporting their children at home. Mrs Lapworth is trained in ‘The Solihull Approach’ and runs a 10 week series of sessions for parents called ‘Understanding Your Child’ with another trained Teaching Assistant. These sessions will be offered throughout the year.

Mrs Lapworth can also signpost parents and carers to external agencies who might be able to offer additional advice/support/services.

With a confidential ear she aims to support the family wherever possible.