Glendale Infant School

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Phone number to report positive COVID test results on an evening, weekends and during holidays 07985 167583.

Early Bird and After School Club

Early Bird Club

We operate an Early Bird Club every morning from 8.00a.m. to 8.50a.m. This is ideal for parents who wish to drop their children off early. Each session is £3.00 if your child arrives between 8.00am. and 8.15am, and £2.00 from 8.15a.m. The club is run by experienced classroom assistants. Your child will need to be registered to attend Early Bird – but you do not need to book these sessions in advance.

If you arrive at any time before 8.15a.m., even by a minute or so, you will be charged £3.00. If you have paid in advance for the 8.15a.m. session, and arrive earlier you will be asked to pay the difference.


After School Club

We also operate an After School Club every afternoon, which runs from the end of school  to 4.00p.m. Charges are £3.00 per child, per session. Children receive a drink and snack when attending after school.

Your child needs to be registered to attend and bookings will need to be made a week in advance with payment. Failure to pay will result in a place being declined.

Please collect a registration form and information pack from Early Bird/After School. Booking forms are also available from Early Bird/After School.

Children who are booked in for after school, regardless of which session, and are late being picked up, will incur late pick up charges of £6 for every 15 minutes, or part thereof.

School operates a pre-payment system for Early Bird/After School payments – parents put an amount of money, i.e. £20, £50, in advance to pay for either of the clubs which is then offset against the child’s attendance. Staff will alert you to add more money as it runs low.


We strongly recommend that parents use this system.

Glendale Early Bird and After Schools clubs aim to create a warm and welcoming environment in which children feel safe and secure. The children should be able to relax and join in with a range of activities.